IT Support and Management

We specialize in support and maintenance of IT infrastructure for small and medium size business. Our support service consist of resolving trouble or service requests raised by our customers. Our maintenance consist of proactive management and monitoring of network enabled devices such as servers, workstations, firewalls, routers, switches and etc. We rapidly expand our clients base and … Read more

Network Engineeing

At IT Consulting Professionals we consult our clients about wide range of solutions for networks of different sizes and complexities. Most importantly we analyze or evaluate our clients business needs and provide them optimal solutions to achieve their requirements. Our approach is “keep it simple and according to the budget”. At the same time our … Read more

IT Managed Services

Managed IT services is a combination of  proactive (rather then re-active) maintenance and monitoring of key components of your IT infrastructure and end user IT support: an example of such services would be proactive servers, workstation and network devices patching and health monitoring (backup, resources utilization, security status and so forth), troubleshooting end users’ IT … Read more

IT Infrastructure Projects

We would be glad to assist you with your physical infrastructure projects, such as installations and deployments, migrations and cut-overs. Examples of such projects include: phone and data cabling installation or re-wiring;  phone systems reconfiguration or patching; wireless access points installation; security, surveillance system setup; server rooms organizations: setup of server cabinets, mounting racks, cabling and labeling, environment control and so … Read more

IT Services and Software Projects

IT Services and Software projects are usually related deployment, configuration or migration of operating systems or IT services provided by various software packages / systems / cloud vendors. Example of such projects may include email service migration, servers upgrade to newer operating system, onsite / offsite backup configuration, remote access configuration, disaster recovery planning and so on.

Computer Repairs and Optimizations

No matter what kind of problem you experience with your server, workstation or notebook, whether it is hardware or software related, our goal is to provide you with the best cost effective solution in a timely manner. We have tremendous amount of experience in fixing and troubleshooting various computer problems, such as glitches, slow-down, freezes and … Read more