James Diamond

Illya is a very knowledgeable IT Engineer. I enjoy working with him, very much. He is keenly aware of the importance of providing an effective technical solution and and enjoyable customer experience. His professionalism and thoroughness is excellent.

Alliance Occupational Medicine

Illya came into our organization at a stage where our IT system was poorly organized, documented, and not well thought out. We had a patch work system and would respond to fires, but never had a good IT plan. Illya was able to reorganize our system into a dependable, reliable, and logical set up. He has added stability to this area of our business which had been such a headache for us prior to Illya coming on board.

Sierra Utilities Sales, Inc.

Our office was having major VPN connection issues with an older Microsoft Exchange server and needed help as it was starting to affect our company’s ability to sell products. Being that we only have 4 inside people and 10 outsides sales people traveling most of the time, our IT department was non-existence. It had gotten to the point that we were no long able to connect to the server remotely and had outgrown the memory and processing speed on that server and needed help – immediately. After meeting with several IT people, we contacted Illya from IT Consulting Pro, he made several professional visits to our office (at times convenient to us) and was able to listen to our very specific needs, develop a system on paper and easily explain it to us (in non-TECH talk) – he helped us source everything from a single vendor and within about 2 weeks after the equipment showed up, he had us back up, running flawlessly – 4 in-house desktops, 6 remote laptops and even a 1 Mac – all were able to access remote shared drives, Virtual desktops and connect to the server with 3 options. He has helped us change the way we do business remotely and best of all – our customers have commented on the efficiently (and effectiveness) of our new system. Looking back at project, we received a system 10 times better than we asked him to create because he took the time to listened to our needs, understood our concerns and delivered a product within our budget but took advantage of tools he knew we would want, but we didn’t know existed. If any trouble comes up, we will now turn immediately to our new IT department help– IT Consulting Pro

Fayaz Asghar MD, Inc.

Illya Andrianov served as a IT consultant for our office recently in Aug 2010. I had the opportunity to get to know Illya during this time, and I can recommend him as a hardworking, passionate and bright young man who takes his responsibilities seriously and does his job well. Illya was very helpful in recommending what kind computer related of equipment is better suited for our office

Glew Engineering Consulting Inc.

We hired Illya, who was recommended by a friend, to set up the IT in our new offices. He handled cabling, VPN, and all of the relevant issues so that we could focus on our business and not worry about the IT. Everything went smoothly and he was very easy to work with

RL Brosamer

Illya has been hired as consultant for several IT projects at R&L Brosamer. It was quite pleasure to work with him. His approach professional and accurate.

Active Directory Management

  • migrated network from NT4 based domain to Windows 2003 Small Business Server, Window 2003 SBS to Windows 2008 SBS, Window 2003 SBS to Windows 2o12 Essentials and so forth
  • upgraded AD Domains to Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 level
  • troubleshoot various AD and DNS replication Issues
  • created / configured optimized clients’ AD objects structure – i.e. users, groups, OUs, GPOs and logon scripts
  • created various AD Group Policies and scripts in order to centrally manage user roaming profiles, printers, firewall setting, MS office deployment, WSUS updates and so forth